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All productions for 2024's OUTright Theatre Festival will take place at Reed College's Performing Arts Building Black Box Theatre 

Reed College Theatre Department, Ronni Lacroute, and our wonderful community, past and present.

In OUTright's 14 years of existence, it's won 8 Drammy awards for it's featured presentations, one Broadway World Award for Best New Musical, and facilitated dozens of workshops for new works. 

It has been an incubator for new works by LGBTQIA+ creators and artists and has shown a spotlight on those not normally allowed to take center stage. 

OUTwright holds firm the belief that there is no greater canon of the LGBTQIA+ civil rights experience than the theatre. Our hope is to educate future generations on the struggles and successes of our predecessors by sharing these stories, both new and old, while also engaging our audiences in numerous outreach programs by providing workshops, panel discussions, and artistic opportunities. 

May 16th - June 16th
Feature Presentation! 
Grab a backstage pass to Blonde on a Bum Trip, by Mikki Gillette
BOABT Title 5.jpg
Workshop Production
The Mighty Marching Meerkats
by Bets Swadis

Director: Rowan Dery

Workshop Production: 

June 15th, 3pm

Meerkats Unite!

This fresh new script introduces audiences to a group of young individuals who find themselves endowed with superpowers, expanding the realm of Queer Superhero narratives. Packed with vibrant energy and electric storytelling, The Mighty Marching Meerkats promises to be a groundbreaking addition to this year’s festival.

Get a Room

by Daniel Rover Singer

May 18th


From the mind of Daniel Rover Singer, the playwright behind The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Abridged, comes a new comedy that's daring, provocative, and uproariously funny - Get a Room.

Don't miss this modern rom-com about two couples—one straight, one gay—who share a hotel room at a fantasy convention where the meaning of their relationships is examined and their boundaries challenged.

Freud on Cocaine

by Howard Skora

May 19th


Freud on Cocaine is many things: a stoner comedy, a historical biopic, a drug trip, a hard-hitting addiction drama, and a razor-sharp social satire about Big Pharma.  But Freud on Cocaine is also, quite simply, glorious fun.

Set in 19th century Vienna, Freud on Cocaine plunges headlong into Freud’s real-life cocaine addiction.  We witness the birth, not only of psychoanalysis, but also of psychopharmacology and Big Pharma. 

Magnetic Electric

by Mikki Gillette and Ash

based on a concept developed with Katherine Goforth

June 9th


Trans woman Celine runs a bar in a college town where she performs her electronic music. Both her life and the town's are upended, when a budding relationship with adjunct professor Rain threatens her union with Cole, and white nationalist Archer begins issues threatening comments toward queer students and residents, targeting her bar, in particular. 

The Usual Unusual

MJ Halberstadt

June 11th


 The Usual Unusual is a scrappy and quaint bookstore where Boston’s LGBTQ+ community has gathered to shop, organize, and flirt since the 70’s... but it's 2017 and times have changed. Penn, the charismatic founder, announces his intention to close the store—sending neurotic bookseller Charlie on a desperate campaign to convince the store's fractured community that a shared space is not only possible—but vital to queer progress.

Bring Back the Swing

by Ernie Lijoi

June 16th


From the whimsical mind of OUTwright favorite, Ernie Lijoi, comes another rip-roaring musical. In this time-twisting tale, the great-granddaughters of swing music superstars Russo & Jones are hosting a concert, but is it possible their long-dead relatives may come to the party? 

You just might see them there at Bring Back the Swing: The Music of Russo and Jones.

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