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Admit it: you like musicals, but sometimes they are so much cringe.

We get it.

So what’s a Broadway babe to do? Gather around the piano with friends and give it a little razzle dazzle! 

Think of our show as showtune therapy, where we dive into the awkward origins of our favorite musical theater songs… singing along with the gems and roasting the most groan-worthy duds.

Another clash-of-worlds love story, this soundtrack influenced American high school lore for several generations. Let’s peel back the paint on this old Chevy and see if there’s a hot rod beneath the hood, because our audience will vote whether it’s a timeless ride or a Beauty School Dropout.

This month: triple threat Teague Shattuck slicks back his hair and joins Ruby Q and Matt Katz for this nostalgic edition of Your Favorite Musical. Don’t be square!

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