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About FUSE

Fuse Theatre Ensemble Dares: 

Our audiences to exit their comfort zones, 

Our peers to collaborate before competing, 

Our community to manage our resources sustainably. 

Shift the Paradigm

Fuse is celebrating fifteen years of producing paradigm shifting theatre in Portland, OR, and around the world. The recipient of six 2019 Drammy Awards, Fuse has become a stalwart of politically motivated theatre in the Portland community. Fuse's primary focus is the representation and celebration of marginalized groups, with a strong background in Queer works. 

We believe that theatre can be a powerful force for good in the world and can help to create community and understanding between diverse groups. We believe that there should be no more stories about us, without us and we work to bring in diverse perspectives and backgrounds. We further believe that the most important part of art is the people involved and we work to maximize the funds that go directly to artists over material expenses. 


We are the recipient of grants from the Regional Arts and Culture Council, The Collins Foundation, The Queer Theatre Alliance, The Oregon Cultural Trust, and The Collins Foundation. We have travelled the world with our production of Suburban Tribe, won Drammy Awards for our productions of Cabaret, Tether: ADHD+BDSM, Under the Influence and for our props design for Artist Rep's The Lieutenant of Inishmore. Fuse has been an ambassador of the Pacific Northwest theatre touring to New Orleans, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bali, Adelaide, Australia, and Avignon, France.


In slightly over a decade, Fuse has fostered the creation of 20 original works. These works include Craft/Craeft/Kraft, Slap That Bitch, Suburban Tribe, MySp_ce, #smarter_than_phones, Karaoke Night! (the musical), A Virgin in Neverland, Sonnetscape, Tether: ADHD+BDSM, The Importance of Being Frank, I am an Actress: A Passion Play, unde+ec+able, The Fear of Speaking, The Queers, American Girl, The God Cluster: a queer pandemic revenge tragedy, and The Pursuit of Happiness (or the Wacky Lesbian Adventures of Brillo Pad and Hula Hoop). Fuse also produces Portland's annual celebration of the LGBTQIA+ contribution to theatre, The OUTwright Theatre Festival, as well as BlaQ OUT, a producing engine for emerging works at the Black/Queer intersection. Fuse also serves as a creative home for the producing engines: Fusion, Cause Cabaret, Kate's Theatrics, and Theatredust.


President: Shareen Jacobs

Vice President: Kate Mura

Treasurer: Sam Little

Secretary: Mikki Gillette

Kate Faye Cummings

Rusty Tennant

Mike Cino

Megan Murphy Ruckman

Sam Little

Jane Comer

Fuse is:


Artistic Director: Rusty Tennant

Technical Director: Luc Allison

Associate Technical Director: Sophina Flores

Artistic Ambassador: Kate Mura

Business Manager: Robert Turlington

Marketing Manager: Kate Faye Cummings

Events Manager: Juliet Mylan

House Manager: Ricky King

Tech Manager: Max Costigan

Rusty Tennant

Kate Faye Cummings

Kate Mura

James Dixon

Alec Lugo

Ajai Terrazas Tripathi

Sophina Flores

Luc Allison

Heath Hyun

Juliet Mylan

Ki Ridenour-Starnes

Peter Schuyler

Rowan Dery


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