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EDI Policy

Fuse was formed with the ideal of lifting the voices of the oppressed, the marginalized, and the overlooked. We believe that all people are created equal, but are rarely treated so. We not only see the acts of hatred and casual cruelty which disproportionately affect people of color and trans people, but also the many systems which must be torn down in order to achieve any semblance of equality. 


The atrocities committed on some should be a clarion call for all to do better, be better, and seek justice. We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and have made a commitment to work towards equity, diversity, and inclusion, not only in our productions, but in the world. We commit to employ people of color for every production and to select shows which promote EDI discussions. We commit to centering not only stories about EDI efforts, but to push for works written by, directed by, performed by, and run by members of marginalized communities: no more stories about us without us. 

Through arts and culture, we can work to change the hearts and minds of the people. We can allow them to glimpse worlds and perspectives they never imagined before and to see all the ways that we are all so similar and so beautifully unique. We seek to provide a space and a voice for the marginalized in our community and for those facing discrimination, prejudice, and cruelty. 

We stand with you. 

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