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In OUTright's 12 years of existence, it's won 8 Drammy awards for it's featured presentations and facilitated dozens of workshops for new works. 

It has been an incubator for new works by LGBTQIA+ creators and artists and has shown a spotlight on those not normally allowed to take center stage. 

OUTwright holds firm the belief that there is no greater canon of the LGBTQIA+ civil rights experience than the theatre. Our hope is to educate future generations on the struggles and successes of our predecessors by sharing these stories, both new and old, while also engaging our audiences in numerous outreach programs by providing workshops, panel discussions, and artistic opportunities. 

June 1st - 27th
Feature Presentation! 
A new meta-musical by Ernie Lijoi, The Pursuit of Happiness
Workshop Production

Director: Melory Mirashrafi

Workshop Production: 

June 24-25, 12pm

June 26-27, 7:30pm

Utopia has broken.

After escaping the oppressive systems of the world we inhabit, a queer polyamorous throuple of color raises their two children in a utopia at the edge of the map. But when one of the three parents dies, shattering their idyllic endeavor, the family now faces a terrible decision: can they live in the ruins of a broken dream or will they return to the nightmare of the old world?


CRUMBS, a sung-through, one-act musical inspired by the tale of Hansel & Gretel, is a relentless examination of family, grief, and survival. It challenges cis-heteronormative models of family, explores how communities experience grief and resilience, and examines how queer and trans identities are threatened by fear and real-world tragedies. CRUMBS is the story of how a family crumbles.

of the Deseret

by Carlos-zenen Trujillo

June 4th


Based on the true story of Brigham Young's son, B. Morris Young, also known by their drag name Madam Pattirini.

Told in three acts, from the dreary and repressive to a full-on Mormon drag extravaganza, this play blends historical accounts and Mormon hymns with modern drag and the breaking of the fourth wall. 

on a Bum Trip

by Mikki Gillette

June 11th


Blonde on a Bum Trip follows pioneering trans actresses Holly Woodlawn, Candy Darling, and Jackie Curtis as they claw their way from off-off-Broadway experimental theatre to underground film stardom in Andy Warhol's factory scene.


Ambition, pettiness and envy swirl as the limelight threatens to undo the trio's deep bonds in this backstage comedy.

The Tenth Muse

by Ravyn Jazper-Hawke

June 18th


Offering a fresh perspective on the 6th century BCE lesbian poet Sappho, this play features six personifications of love gathered at the Temple of Aphrodite, reflecting on how Sappho's poetry has influenced their unique expressions of love.


By weaving newly discovered fragments of Sappho's work with themes of unity, the play challenges conventional narratives perpetuated by cis white male archaeologists and honors Sappho's deserved place among the muses.

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