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2024 Season

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Great White Gives It Up

by Ajai Tripathi

Feb. 15th -

Mar. 10th

A follow-up piece to Tripathi’s Great White Gets Off, Great White Gives It Up follows Bert and Sandeep’s relationship as they attempt to discover if their relationship will last by seeking guidance from key figures in India and Ireland’s independence movements.

The Play About My Father

by Kate Mura

Apr. 11th - May 5th

PAMF Title 3.jpg

This autobiographical one-woman show will be presented at 2024's Fertile Grounds Festival. It tells the tale of a New Jersey community rallying around the Mura family after a freak accident in 1988. 

Blonde on a Bum Trip

by Mikki Gillette

May 16th - June 9th

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For our 2024 OUTwright Season, fuse will present a workshop production and 5 staged readings as well as its feature presentation, Blonde on a Bum Trip by Mikki Gillette, which will perform at Reed College. Blonde on a Bum Trip is a backstage comedy that follows the trials and travails of pioneering trans actresses Candy Darling, Holly Woodlawn, and Jackie Curtis as they claw their way from off-off-Broadway theatre to Warhol superstardom. 

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A collection of four workshop performances intended to highlight community work, featuring local performers, directors, and playwrights. 

July 12th - Sept. 8th

The Arsonists

by Jacqueline Goldfinger

Oct. 10th - Nov. 3rd

The Arsonists sees a father-daughter arson team burn their relationship to the ground, and then rise from the ashes. It is a lyrical, heartbreaking, and darkly funny play with music about the eternal bond between parent and child.

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The Tempest

Dec. 5th - 29th

Tempest Title Simple.jpg

by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare's classic play will be presented with only three characters who are stranded on the North Pacific garbage patch. All other characters will be played by puppets made of trash, imagined by the shipwrecked as they succumb to insanity. 

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