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Ronald Reagan
Murdered My Mentors

Feb. 9th - 26th

Author: C. Julian Jiménez

Director: James R. Dixon

Assistant Director: Devon Roberts

Fuse Theatre Ensemble and BlaQ OUT present Ronald Reagan Murdered My Mentors, a raw, introspective new play which investigates the barriers to love and happiness gay men in America have faced since the onset of the AIDS epidemic. 

American Girl

Author: Mikki Gillette

Director: Sarah Andrews

Assistant Director: Juliet Mylan

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April 6th - 30th

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The tragic, true story of Nikki Kuhnhausen, a trans teen killed in a hate crime in Vancouver, WA in 2019. Based on extensive interviews with Nikki’s family and friends, it tells an all-too modern American story of addiction, homelessness, domestic abuse, sex work and murder. 

The Pursuit of Happiness

June 1st - 25th

Author: Ernie Lijoi

Director: Rusty Tennant

Musical Director: Mak Kastelic

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Get ready for another zany ride as Fuse brings you the most recent mad-cap musical from the brain of Ernie Lijoi.

The alarm has sounded: a nuclear bomb is headed our way, and everyone is divulging their secrets. Will these secret sorrows shatter their perfect lives or is honesty truly the best policy? Is the happiness we pursue the one we'll one day catch? Come find out. 

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June 4th - 18th

Readings Include:

  • Glitter by Mikki Gillette

  • Sappho: The Tenth Muse by Ravyn Granholm

  • Queen of the Deseret by Carlos Zenen Trujillo

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Join us for OUTwright Theatre Festival's 12th year, featuring readings from various new works which contribute to the LGBTQIA+ canon. Help us to support queer people, and queer art in this new works reading series. 

June 26th - Sept. 17th

Bee زنبور
by Sean Michael Welch
and Melody Erfani

Deal Me Out
by MJ Halberstadt

by Ash Shirazi
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Downward Facing
by Mishelle Apalategui

43rd Harmonic
by Jonathan Du Ela

Ritual Treatment
by Sophina Flores

Rebels and Priestesses
by Kate Mura and Mary K Greer
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Oct. 19th - Nov. 5th

Break of

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by Jane Comer

Dec. 7th - 24th

Great White Gets Off

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by Ajai Tripathi

When Great White met Snakecharmer on a hookup app, he was looking to get off. Through sexual role play, they explore whether two gay men can find a connection while navigating shifting power dynamics, racial resentments, and the ongoing influence of colonialism.

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