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GWGIU Title 9.jpg

Co-Directors: Rusty Tennant & William Stevens

Playwright: Ajai Tripathi

Stage Manager: Luc Allison

Lighting Design: Sophina Flores


Ajai Tipathi as Sandeep

Patrick Hilton as Bert

A follow-up to Tripathi’s Great White Gets Off, this stand alone play follows Bert and Sandeep in the next part of their journey, discovering whether love across cultures can really last.


Hoping to bring their relationship to the next phase, Bert proposes to Sandeep with his mother’s Claddagh ring on their romantic trip to the Ireland. But as they take their odyssey through Dublin, role playing as their favorite revolutionaries from India and Ireland, the specter of war, empire and occupation threatens their identities in ways that become harder and harder to reconcile. Bert and Sandeep must attempt to stand on solid ground together, wondering if they can ever have a future with one foot solidly planted in the past. 

February 15th - March 10th


If the performance date you're hoping to attend is sold out, come early! A handful of tickets are usually released before showtime.

We keep a wait-list at the door as we check in our reservations, usually starting at fifteen minutes to curtain. Starting at five minutes to curtain, any unclaimed reservations are released to the wait-list in order of arrival.

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