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Join us for an evening of music, culture, glitter, and glam at our Glitter and Be Gay fundraiser! 

This fundraiser will help support your favorite Queer theatre as we grow and push for what we believe. This fundraiser will help support our goals of paying artists a living wage, hiring employees, and producing art that breaks the mold and gives voice to the repressed and underrepresented. It will help us support new artists and new works as well as putting a new spin on old classics. 

Please feel free to wear your glitter, sequins, and sparkles to this event! 

Reserve your spot below! 


Give As You're Able, Friends! Our events are all pay what you will and we're happy to accept payments before, during, or after the event in cash or through our Venmo or Paypal accounts. 

Or visit our Donations page for more info. Or our GAY AF page to learn more about our ticketing policy.


Our tickets are no-cost, but we ask that you reserve your ticket in advance to secure your seat. No need to print proof of reservation or donation - If you received an emailed receipt, we'll have your name on our list.


If the performance date you're hoping to attend is sold out, come early! A handful of tickets are usually released before showtime.

We keep a wait-list at the door as we check in our reservations, usually starting at fifteen minutes to curtain. Starting at five minutes to curtain, any unclaimed reservations are released to the wait-list in order of arrival.

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