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October 30th


Featured Speakers

Tobias Andersen

Bobby Bermea

Nicole Lane

Jennifer Lanier

Allen Nause

Kate Mura

Rody Ortega

Jonathan Waters

Samantha Van Der Merwe

PDX Theatre
Story Share:

The First Annual

Origin Stories

For too long Portland theatres have been fading from existence with little or no record of their impact, art, and achievements. Too much of Portland's foundational theatre history is in danger of being lost. We want to share and archive it. In our pursuit to record the precious history of Portland theatre, we've asked a handful of instrumental theatre founders and leaders what their origin story is in Portland theatre.

Hear what they have to say, then have a chance to share your own.
There will also be a remembrance altar for our theatre kith and kin who have passed on.

They Them Their
They Them Their
Multiple Dates
Sep 28, 7:30 PM
Grinds and Vines
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