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February 9th - 26th, 2023

Author: C. Julian Jiménez
Director: James R. Dixon
Assistant Director: Devon Roberts
Stage Manager: Rowan Dery
Scenic Designer: Rusty Tennant

Lighting Designer: Lara Klingeman
Sound Designer: Aleks Hollis
Costume Designer: Aaron Blaise

Choreographer: Kemba Shannon

Composer: Ian Appell

Intimacy Coordinator: Heath Hyun Houghton

House Manager: Alex Santorufo

Photography: Greg Parkinson

Graphic Designer: Kate Faye Cummings

Starring: Sean Kirkpatrick, Rae Davis, Angie Tennant, Sam Gordon, Nick Hongola, and Anthony Harden

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Fuse Theatre Ensemble and BlaQ OUT present Ronald Reagan Murdered My Mentors, a raw, introspective new play which investigates the barriers to love and happiness gay men in America have faced since the onset of the AIDS epidemic. 

In the play, Lost, a Queer Latine man, struggles to navigate queer life after the AIDS epidemic obliterated an entire generation of Queer male role models. Lost seeks solace in an anonymous voice on the other end of a telephone as he attempts to find his place and accept his sexuality. As the play bounces between 3 decades, he is tormented by dead Queer icons and their murderer, Ronald Reagan.


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