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Playwright: Ernie Lijoi

Director/Choreographer: Rusty Tennant

Music Director: Mak Kastelic

Associate Director/Dramaturg: Alexis Read

Assistant Director: Teague Shattuck

Stage Manager: Rowan Dery

Assistant Stage Manager: Howl Renspurger

Set Designer: Alex Meyer

Lighting Designer: Sophina Flores

Sound Designer: Matt Rowning

Videographer: Jacob Spiers

Costumer: Blaise

Musician: Caterina Schwarzkopf

Starring: Alec Lugo, Ernie Lijoi, Kate Faye Cummings, Brian Burger, Sara Elizabeth King, Ruby Welch, and Sofia Molina

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We have more in common in the secrets that we keep than we do in the lies that we tell.

The Feature Presentation of 2023's OUTwright

Get ready for another zany ride as Fuse brings you the most recent mad-cap musical from the brain of Ernie Lijoi.


The alarm has sounded: a nuclear bomb is headed our way. In a panic, three couples divulge their deepest, darkest secrets, revealing the hidden truths and traumas of their existences. But when the bomb never lands, they find their secrets may be more dangerous. A year later each of the couples finds themselves living their truths in new relationships, but are they actually any closer to happiness?

A musical like no other, The Pursuit of Happiness features characters across the gender and sexuality spectrums. Leading the country in trans representation, Fuse Theatre Ensemble presents a show which investigates the intricacies of transitioning, coming out, gender dysphoria, social pressure, and the ways we all try to be someone we're not. And it's a banger! 

Fourteen original songs pack The Pursuit of Happiness, ranging from earnest ballads to clever earworms; this show is sure to have you singing as you exit the theatre and for weeks to come. The Pursuit of Happiness is written by Ernie Lijoi, winner of Billboard's Best Unsigned Artist - Album of the Year (Better Days, 2013), the Portland Drammy's Best Original Music Award (Under the Influence, 2016) and writer of two songs from the Broadway musical It Shoulda Been You.

Get caught up in the absurd vortex that is Lijoi’s brain as he pilots us through a whirlwind story about Gods, atomic bombs, secrets, queer appropriation, and onions. Watch the meta-musical Pursuit of Happiness, a play where Gods watch people watching a movie called Pursuit of Happiness, based on a book called Pursuit of Happiness as they pursue... happiness.  

June 1st - 25th
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