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Director: Sarah Andrews

Assistant Director: Juliet Mylan

Stage Manager: Ezra Fockens

Set Designer: Christopher Wolfe

Intimacy Director: Heath Hyun-Houghton

Lighting Designer: Sophina Flores

Sound Designer: Aleks Hollis

Props Designer: Drew Dannhorn

Costume Designer: Liz Organ

Choreographer: Rachael Singer Brown

Starring: Naomi Jackson, Maia McCarthy, Peter Schuyler, Milo Vuksinich, Naiya Amilcar, and Jenny Tien

American Girl Title 3.jpg

April 6th-30th, 2023

Sometimes the worst stories are all too real. Fuse presents the story of Nikki Kuhnhausen, a trans teen killed in a hate crime in Vancouver, WA in 2019.

In the tradition of The Laramie Project and Boys Don't Cry, Gillette’s play draws on immersive research into a heartbreakingly violent crime to create a moving, unforgettable story. Based on extensive interviews with Nikki’s family and friends, American Girl tells an all-too modern American story of addiction, homelessness, domestic abuse, sex work and murder. Brought to the stage by playwright and Fuse member Mikki Gillette, this story captures the real life struggles of our local community.

CW: gendercide, drug abuse and addiction, prostitution, domestic abuse


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