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They Them Their Title Card 3.jpg


Director: Ravyn Jazper-Hawke

Stage Managers:

Max Costigan

Ezra Fockens


Faeris: Johnathan Billington

Jess: Dante Tirado

Jordan: Audrey Booth

Amber/Raven: Rayburn Gotter 

Fuse Theatre Ensemble is proud to present the World Premiere of playwright Mikki Gillette’s They Them Their.

Set in a queer youth center, They Them Their follows Faeris, a rebellious nonbinary teen. Artistic, sensitive and volatile, they butt heads with the center's coordinator Jess, pursue a romance with fellow teen Jordan, and struggle with the admiration and expectations placed on them by the younger Raven.


In this moment, when 21 states have banned life-saving gender-affirming care for trans minors, Gillette’s play opens a window into the real experiences of these teens, while not shying away from the pains such prejudice creates. 


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