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The Fuse Atelier Festival is a collaborative event intended to highlight emerging community work and help foster creativity and artistic opportunities in the Portland community. 

If Only Title 2.jpg

A one night only presentation of the Seattle Opera recording and a reading of the updated script. 

In a nonbinary/trans, utopic reimagining of the original myth, Icarus finds themselves entrapped in a never-ending maze haunted by an aleatoric chorus of unstable, disembodied voices. The maze beckons them to submit to the societal expectations of their body/gender or fall to their death in the same way we know the myth ends. Daedalus, shifting in and out of different roles they’ve played in Icarus’s life, pushes Icarus to take risks and figure out what they want for themselves, hoping that this time they will soar. 

Downward Facing Title.jpg

A fully staged production. 

Directed by Molly Shevaun Reed

While the neighborhood around them changes rapidly, Flax is stuck sitting on the stoop they call home, trying to make sense of it with their only friend as a new tenant sets up her yoga studio on the other side of the door. Meanwhile, newly pregnant Jenna grasps at her own changing reality as she tries to make an unexpected relationship work. A timely drama, Downward Facing is a poignant montage of what it looks like when there is no home to run back to.

Tea Party Title 2.jpg

A partially staged production. 

Frank, a married heterosexual crossdresser living in Montana, discovers Miss Olivia's Finishing School for Girls, a club for fellow recreational crossdressers. Finally able to share his secret with another like-minded man, Frank's newfound freedom threatens his marriage and his relationship with his best friend.

Ritual Treatment Title.jpg

A dance production in collaboration with Roots & All Theatre Ensemble. Cast collaborators include Paulina Jaeger-Rosete, Naiya Amilcar, and Daye Thomas. 

Ritual Treatment is a surreal, dance theater memory play that examines nontraditional types of abusive relationships, particularly among adolescents, as they struggle to come out from under the influence of their home lives. Even when we become aware of the cycle, that isn't always enough to break it.


Developed to talk about abuse in relationships among queer and trans non-white teens, Ritual Treatment is a bilingual exploration of the ways in which we can harm others and ourselves, even with best intentions.

Rebels & Priestesses Title 2.jpg

A devised work, intended to grow and change from opening to closing nights. 

Based on the book Women of the Golden Dawn: Rebels and Priestesses by Mary K. Greer, this devised piece focuses on the lives of Maud Gonne, Moina Bergson Mathers, Annie Horniman, and Florence Farr. These four remarkable women, core members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, left a lasting imprint on the politics, literature, and theater of 19th-century Europe. 

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