The Queers

Fuse Theatre Ensemble is proud to present the world-premiere of playwright Mikki Gillette’s The Queers. The Queers represents a milestone in trans representation in Portland theatre, being the first trans ensemble drama by a trans writer to receive a production in the area.

March 11th through April 10th

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Set in mid-sized city in 2011, The Queers follows the trans women Lisa, a substitute teacher falsely accused of misconduct at work, Ally, who struggles with poverty and unrequited love, and Andrea, who is at the very beginning of her transition. The paths become entangled with Smith and Pim, a young nonbinary couple who provide counsel and community for Lisa and her friends.


Activism, jealousy, financial insecurity and suicidal ideation all ensue as the pressures of transphobia raises life’s stresses to a fever pitch.