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A Foraging Tour

Meet us at Tryon Life Community Farm for Fuse’s latest original work! We’re presenting a new piece anchored in the ecology of Fungi this harvest season; the mysterious, adorable, disgusting, and often terror-laden kingdom that’s been trending in humans lately.

Part variety show, part educational guided tour, part treasure hunt, part opera, part forest-hike, part day-trip, part hero's journey, SHROOM SHOW is the organic and highly nutritious product of months of experimentation and collaboration between a small, evolving cast and a vibrant, ever-expanding production team.


Last Spring, we took our collective medicine: we restarted our training where 2020 brought us – outdoors – and dove into research on fungi, both biological and physical, through our various training modalities.

Wear your farm shoes and tune your senses to prepare for maximum biodiversity. Weather gear for September wouldn’t hurt, and if you have one, bring a foraging basket! You may also borrow one of ours.


Don’t worry – most of the mushrooms don’t bite (spoiler alert: we are the mushrooms!)

Production Team

Facilitation and Stage Direction:

Sara Fay Goldman

Production Management: 
Sara Fay Goldman

Abby Shrader

Performing Ensemble - The Mycelial Moving Co

Sara Fay Goldman

Lindsay Reed

Abby Shrader

Assistant Stage Manager: 

Ashley Riot

Additional Writers: 

Heath Hyun

Ki Ridenour-Starnes


Kate Faye Cummings

Stage Manager and Guide: 

Ezra Fockens


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