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Cast & Crew

Director's Note:

I've been pursuing happiness for 50+ years now, and I certainly wouldn't claim to know how to find it. As Queers, our path to happiness is often muddled from the onset. But over time, we make do; we're good at that. This show is less about people finding their happiness than it is about people making do when the path to happiness is crowded and cluttered with the debris of cisgendered heteronormativity. 


It is not a coincidence that the Gods of Happiness reside in the theatre. For many of us in this room, theatre is where we have found a great deal of happiness. And yes, it has been a bumbling journey with lots of laughs and probably even more tears, but I doubt many of us would trade our lives in the theatre for anything else (even if we sometimes think we really want to). And I sincerely hope that theatre is a place of happiness for you, as well. Perhaps the reason for this is that theatre is ephemeral, it lives entirely in the moment, which is exactly what this play (and probably many of our therapists) asks of us.


This production, and all of the work that has gone into creating it, is dedicated to the memory of Randy Wyatt. We have produced many of Randy's plays over the past 13 years of OUTwright, and we hope to continue to produce his work in the future. He has a distinct perspective on God, theatre, and queerness which he shared with us through his numerous scripts, but also countless heart-to-heart conversations. He was an amazing collaborator who was taken far too soon and had multitudes of tales left to weave. He is missed, but through his work, he lives on. He would have absolutely loved this show. So as you smile and find your own happiness through this show, we hope you will reflect fondly on the memory of Randy.


Stay present.  Be kind.  And most of all... be good to each other.

Special Thanks

Tracy Taggart

Ronni Lacroute

Reed College Theatre Department

Alissa Warren

Brooklyn Shaffer

Jon Gennari

Michael Chavez

James Sharinghousen

Atlas Marshall

Gwen Duffy

Katherine Goforth

Caterina Shwarzkopf

Chris O'Toole

Sean Abley and the Desert Playwright Retreat

Scott Bullitt

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