Fuse Theatre Ensemble Dares:

Our audiences to exit their comfort zones,
Our peers to collaborate before competing,
Our community to manage our resources sustainably.

Shift the Paradigm.

Fuse is celebrating over a decade of producing paradigm shifting theatre in Portland, OR, and around the world. The recipient of six 2019 Drammy Awards, Fuse has become a stalwart of politically motivated theatre in the Portland community. They are the recipient of the 2019 Regional Arts and Culture Council Project Grant, 2019 MCCC grant, 2017 Regional Arts and Culture Council Arts Equity Grant, 2007 Regional Arts and Culture Council Project Grant. They have travelled the world with their production of Suburban Tribe, won Drammy Awards for their productions of Cabaret, Tether: ADHD+BDSM, Under the Influence and for their props design for Artist Rep's The Lieutenant of Inishmore. Fuse has been an ambassador of the Pacific Northwest theatre touring to New Orleans, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bali, Adelaide, Australia, and Avignon, France. In less than a decade, Fuse has fostered the creation of 13 original works (Craft/Craeft/Kraft, Slap That Bitch, Suburban Tribe, MySp_ce, #smarter_than_phones, Karaoke Night! (the musical), A Virgin in Neverland, (...), Sonnetscape, Tether: ADHD+BDSM, The Importance of being Frank, I am an Actress, and unde+ec+able) while also producing Portland's annual celebration of the LGBTQIA+ contribution to theatre, The OUTwright Theatre Festival.

Ernie Lijoi and Michael J. Teufel in A View from the Bridge
Photo: Greg Parkinson

Our Board Members

Kate chooses theatre as her life's work because we constantly prove creating another world is possible. Through Suburban Tribe (masked and unmasked) she has exposed much of the US and world to Fuse's work, garnering one of Theater Jones Top 5 Small Tours.

Kate Mura


Ernie is grateful to be on the board of a company whose mission is one of understanding, inclusion and creating space for queer artists to develop new work or to reinvent classics. Ernie's belief is that theater is the best artistic medium through which creative expression can lead to unity, compassion and empathy..

Ernie Lijoi

Vice President

Rusty Tennant is the Artistic Director of Fuse Theatre Ensemble. They have an MFA in Directing and Performance from the University of New Orleans. Rusty serves as the Technical Director at Reed College and is also the Producing Artistic Director of The OUTwright Theatre Festival, a celebration of the LGBTQIA+ contribution to theatre that is held annually in Portland, OR.

Rusty Newton Tennant

Artistic Director

Jane began performing at a young age in imitation of what she saw in the virtual reality world of television, and hasn't stopped since. She has a BA in Theatre and Writing from Linfield College. Acting is her passion, and communication (in many different forms) is her art. She is also a playwright, novelist and overall "Communication Artist".

Jane Comer

Board Member

Megan Murphy Ruckman is a singer, actor, dancer, bookkeeper, director, stage manager, wife, and mother. She is very passionate about Shakespeare, musicals, and new works. She has a BA in Theatre & Communication, spends her weekdays working for The Bookkeeping Company (TBC, for short).

Megan Murphy Ruckman

Board Member

Mike Cino has been with Fuse since the beginning, mostly on the backstage side. He has a BFA in technical theatre and a passion for all things queer and weird.

Mike Cino

Board Member

Kate Faye Cummings is a performer, producer, director, and lover of the arts. She is the founder of Cause Cabaret, an organization dedicated to using the arts to not only elevate people spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, but to elevate them out of poverty, oppression, and tragedy.

Kate Faye Cummings

Board Member

Mikki Gillette is excited to join the board of Fuse Theatre. She is a trans woman playwright living in Portland, OR. Her new play American Girl is in development through Artist's Rep Theatre's Workbench program, as well as Artist's Rep Theatre's Mercury Company program. .

Mikki Gillette

Board Member

Solo Works

One of the most foundational aspects of Fuse is our commitment to developing and producing solo work. For Fuse, this commitment was born not only out of our love of solo work but also out of necessity. At one point in time in our history, we found ourselves financially challenged with a lease payment due monthly on our theatre. We realized that our greatest commodity was "us" so the ensemble began creating "empty space" solo shows that could generate revenue. Almost unintentionally, these shows also started to develop into a major part of our brand.

Nearly a decade later, solo works have become the cornerstone of our development as an ensemble. As a sort of rite of passage, each member of the ensemble is encouraged to not only create a solo show, but to then also perform that show around the world.

Our solo shows have been produced as parts of festivals and/or individually in: Portland, OR, San Francisco, CA, Los Angeles, CA, New Orleans, LA, Adelaide, Australia, Avignon, France, Bath, England, Bali, Indonesia

Kate Mura

Suburban Tribe: Unmasked

Rusty Tennant

The Importance of Being Frank

Sara Fay Goldman


Nikolas Hoback

A Virgin in Neverland

Jane Comer

I Am an Actress

Ernie Lijoi

It Gets Bitter

The Annual OUTwright Theatre Festival

The mission of this Portland, OR festival is to celebrate contributions of the LGBTQ community to the art of theatre by staging both original and classic works thus creating an incubator of new theatre for and by the LGBTQ community.

Learn more about OUTwright

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